Real Estate Advisor - Sales Agent

We are looking for a Real Estate Advisor - Sales Agent to join our team!

Why Join Us?


·       As a sales agent you will be able to leverage the team’s existing listings, both residential and commercial to help build your business.   

·       You will have access to a strong support, marketing and administrative staff.  Allow the team to do most of the administrative work for you so you can focus on what you do best…SALES!   Service more clients when you are not busy with paperwork and operations.

·       You will learn a lot about real estate investing.  From beginner topics in residential to advance investing strategies in commercial multifamily assets

·       Get access to the best real estate deals to purchase and invest for yourself.

·       Financial Freedom!  Since we specialize in real estate investments, our mission to ensure every team member builds wealth through real estate and achieves financial freedom!

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What are we looking for?

The Commercial & Residential Real Estate Advisor-Sales Agent is an individual who is highly sociable, draws energy from working with people, and is optimistic and outgoing.  They must have strong business acumen and a strong sense of urgency, but not at the expense of quality. In addition, he/she demonstrates on a daily basis the knowledge, attitudes, skills, and habits of a high-achieving sales agent who is committed to putting clients first, doing the right thing, and seeking win-win agreements. The Sales Agent prospects for leads daily, closes those leads to appointments, closes for agreements, and then conducts a high-level fiduciary needs analysis for each client. They will also act as the Showing Agent who will select homes/properties that meet the criteria and will drive the clients to the homes or investment properties.  This agent receives assistance from the team to negotiate the offer, write the contract, and oversee the deal through its close.


The Sales Agent also demonstrates a commitment to learning and strives for growth by regularly attending courses and regularly practicing scripts and dialogues.  This person would be committed to learning more about both residential real estate and commercial multifamily investment sales.

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