Here are the Most Popular House Styles in Colorado

The house style Colorado residents find most attractive is among the most-favored styles nationwide, according to a recent report from the online home improvement services marketplace HomeAdvisor.


Cottage-style homes are the most popular in Colorado, according to the report that surveyed 2,263 Americans on their house style preferences this past May.


Cottage homes are known for their coziness and small size, usually including stone or wood elements and a porch, HomeAdvisor said.


Cottages were also scored as the most popular style in the U.S., securing 11% of votes with Gen Z as a top advocate, according to the report.


Connecticut, Missouri, Nebraska, Washington and Oklahoma were among the other states reporting cottage-style homes as their most preferred.


Other popular styles in Colorado include contemporary and Mediterranean. Contemporary-style homes were also found to be the most popular among Colorado’s neighbors, Utah and Kansas.

Cottages in Colorado are mostly selling for over $500,000, reaching into the millions and as low as $195,000, according to ZeroDown, a site for home sale searching.

Attached homes in the Denver metro area reached a record-high average sales price of $504,193, while single-family homes’ average sale price was $810,415, according to the June report from the Denver Metro Association of Realtors (DMAR).


Perhaps because of those high prices, according to the HomeAdvisor report, 76% of Americans would purchase a house that is deemed “ugly” on the outside but “perfect” on the inside.


As for external home features, the report found that porches matter most to nationwide residents surveyed, 29% of whom voted that feature as the most important.


The report also found that 54% of Americans prefer to purchase a new home while 46% said they would invest in a vintage home.


Adobe and contemporary-style homes were voted as the nation’s least popular, scoring 14% and 12% of votes for least favorite, respectively. But contemporary was also listed as a national favorite, at 10% of that vote, revealing a polarizing take on the style. Adobe only earned 6% of the vote for most-favored style.


Colorado’s second-favorite home style was contemporary while the state’s least favorites were traditional, colonial and townhouses.


The nationwide analysis did not include Rhode Island, Delaware, Idaho, Hawaii, Montana, North Dakota, Vermont, Alaska, South Dakota and Wyoming due to insufficient survey responses.


HomeAdvisor merged with Angie’s List in 2017 to form the Denver-based company Angi Inc. (Nasdaq: ANGI).

By   –  Intern, Denver Business Journal